Y2K and the Global Alien Conspiracy

DEJA.COM News Group Posting; September 03, 1999

Art Bell is lying___they are already here and they are not friendly__to say the least!

The beings are known as "US" rhymes with "FUSS" and they are collective(similar to bees, i.e., B organisms) paths(non-conventional form of communication) and control most of the media(banking, finance, etc...) in this country__

This includes the internet__a major reason my net site is being censored! I provide proof that would enlighten Americans(humans) to the fact that their lives are being controlled and played with by___a different life form! Remember Bones: "It life Jim but not as we know it" The Y2K scenario is based on the use of conventional communication technology utilized to expose the alien species___i.e., "US" will take down the computer and net infrastructure and blame it on some sort of software bug___yeah right? Remember, they control the media and articles written about Y2K___

Most of the sci-fi movies utilize some aspect of "US"___for instance: "Mercury Rising" and "The Sixth Sense"___both movies about the collective paths!

The major "experiment" being to separate the species(i.e., human and US)___a person can go through his life without becoming aware of the collectives___those Ameicans (humans) who become aware of the collectives are either accepted(they are harmless) or are exterminated(cancers, disease, etc...)

Many of the major cities have been occupied by US___the basis of the movie "Argemedon" with Will Smith. Also, A forbidden city is a city that is occupied by collective paths(oh, they are also mind controlling___now you know why they are called city slickers)___if you want to find out about their defense mechanisms(weapons) then you should read my site___you might not like what you find out!

Examples of an occupied city is Chicago. I've been residing in Chi-Town for the past year___Chicago resemble the movie: "The Island of Doctor Moreau"___I've never observed so many stranged eared people in my life__nor have I received so many alien hits? I suspect the great Chicago fire was the result of humans who did not want the city to end up in the hands of US!

If you have an interest in "science fact" and not science fiction then please read my investigative news magazine: Ameica's Line: The Truth is Here!

Also, the only reason for collective paths is to control and eliminate Americans(human species)__ any other alien species that has the capability to come to this planet would be able to determine the existence of US and the predator prey existence of both species!


All these sites are being censored so you might want to do a net search using my name__ the links should tell the story!

This site might change your life__ Ameica has the right to know!

Thank you,

Wayne Manzo Freedom Fighter, Plaintiff, Webmaster, A Man Who Gives A Damn!