X-Files, DJIN, and the Re-Written Episode

The X-Files episode about the "DJIN" should be re-written. Remember that strange woman who kept on re-appearing in various famous historical events____Mulder figured out she was a Djin; and by doing this he in fact caught her.

So, she gives him three wishes. One of his wishes is for world peace.

We find Mulder in a city such as New York____he is looking around and there is nobody there. The whole city population was removed as per his wish of world peace. The problem with the way the script was written is that it could have been written better.

If you are a human(outsider) and are congnizant of who mainly reside in the cities___then the above message is loud and clear. But if you are a naive human being and have no idea that they are already here and causing much of the strife and disease in human society___then the granting of his wish and the removal of all the people from the city doesn't make sense. What is the Djin saying___remove the people from the planet and there would be world peace? That is not what the X-Files is trying to say.

So, I ask for "Re-Write!"
Instead of Mulder visualizing an empty city how about a city that looks exactly the same as before his wish. People shouting, arguing, in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Mulder asks the Dejin: "What have you changed? How has world peace been obtained?

And the Djin responds: "I put the humans back in the cities and removed the aliens". Humans are interested in improving their lives and living their lives to the fullest___the city dwellers today are all aliens and hybrids___they are the reason for all the worlds strife and disease___their agenda is to kill people like you Mr. Mulder or keep your race totally confused and in the dark; wars and conflict in order to confuse, incompacitate and control the human race.

You asked for world peace and I removed those that are making world peace impossible for the human race. Your wish has been granted!

If the X-Files writers had any guts this would have been the way the script would have been written___plain, simple, and the truth!

The original script wasn't very clear and if you had no prior knowledge of what beings occupy and control the major cities(Independence Day) then you would not understand the true meaning behind the Djin's action.