Who killed the Russian nuclear submarine "Kursk"
And why is a Russian Magazine pointing fingers at the CESS Alien Agency!

A recent(Aug-Sept, 2000) Russian magazine OTOHEK made some subtle implications concerning the reason the Russian submarine, the Kursk, is resting at the bottom of the ocean.

My gut reaction to these things is "Its just another CESS Alien Agency hit!".

When the news information doesn't make much sense you can assure yourself that the alien agency had something to do with it.

So, what about the magazine? Well I can't read Russian so I don't know what the articles say____but I do know what they are about.

The Cover? The cover art-work is that of a huge alien head with big bulging eyes(mirror eyes)__the cover story is about aliens from other planets(E.Ts). The reflection in the bulging mirror like alien eye is that of a church. On top of the church is the quintessential cross. Remember boys and girls____the Cross is symbolic not of any religion____the Cross symbolizes the CESS Alien Agency and the Alien Empire. So we have a huge alien head that appears to be staring at a church or other house of worship.

What about the sinking of the Kursk(Cure SK?)? There is an extensive article within the magazine about the Russian submarine and here crew. This is all the evidence I need. Reminds me of the New York Times Magazine I bought from the Howard Washington Library used book sale(Chicago). The magazine had a huge badge on the cover and it mocked the F.B.I.; the text read: Why is Elliot Ness Spinning in his Grave? Well, inside the magazine was a huge story about Roswell, New Mexico. Also, the fotos of the residents there indicated that they were touched by the CESS Alien Agency. I.e., they had those big, deformed, alien ears.

Oh, if you read my Psychiatry? Aliens? link you'll find me pointing my finger at psychiatry and Religion as society's means of concealing the alien race to the human population

Like I said, the downing of the Russian sub has the "MO" of a CESS Alien Agency hit.