Bruised Fruit?
Or, "The Taking of Darryl Strawberry"
New York Yankee baseball player Darryl Strawberry and an American human being that is being attacked by the CESS Alien Race___Darryl is being taken down unfairly.


Cincinnati Post, Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Page 14a, The "People Section", "Names, Faces"

Once again we find an interesting juxtaposition of articles. In the "People Section" we find an article about Madonna and some guy from New Jersey(Dan Parisi) who claims ownership of the Domain Name
The article title: Madonna Internet Name a Hot Item
Madonna claims ownership of the domain name but Parisi has used the DN for a pornography website(can't be any worse than "Sex" by Madonna?). Parisi wants to donate the name to a Roman Catholic hospital in Lincoln, Neb.
Madonna probably feels this case is similar to the controversy.
WIPO is the provider(?), the arbitration group, that is going to decide who gets to keep the DN.
Hey Parisi, all the arbitration groups are "CESS Agency"___yeah, the same clowns that ran the DN monopoly___ahem, Internic and NetWork Solutions.
Another racket created so that the CESS Agency can extort more money from the pockets Amrerican citizens. These conflicts should be decided by Internic or battled out in the courts.
So, guess who is gonna get to keep the domain name
Louise, or one of her cloneys(cloneys? That's another article)?

On the right side of the page is an article about Darryl Strawberry
The article headline:
Darryl Strawberry "Heading Home" Equals Jail

The article states that Darryl Strawberry was charged with a DUI(another DUI?) then sentenced to two years of house arrest___he was jailed in Tampa, FL.

It would superficially appear that the 38 year old baseball star of the New York Yankees has been prone to bad luck and poor judgement. His one year suspension from baseball is up next year___Darryl was suspended from baseball because of cocaine use.

According to the article, the eight-time All-Star is battling colon cancer and has had man previous problems with drug and alcohol abuse.

He allegedly caused an auto accident on Monday, September 11___and according to Darryl___he blacked out while driving to meet his probation officer.

He states: "I used the wrong judgement...taking medication because I didn't feel well"______"I just blacked out".

The house arrest sentencing was for violation of his probation requirements. He was granted house arrest instead of a prison sentence.

As Joe Pesci would say: "Okay, Okay", what the F___ is going on here!

Darryl Strawberry is being "Taken Down Unfairly" by the savage CESS Alien Agency.

Note, this blacking out while driving sounds very familiar? It appears as if the psycho race likes taking celbrities down unfairly when they are driving their cars(does the word "li-mo-sine" mean anything?). The same thing happened to the controversial "dream team" attorney F. Lee Bailey.

Darryl Strawberry doesn't have colon cancer, the CESS Alien Race are slicing into his rectum___similar to what happened to Katie Couric's husband Jay), and Darryl doesn't have a drug problem. He wasn't taking medication while driving his car, or if he was___it wasn't enought to knock him out! Darryl, was taken down unfairly! The "Psycho CESS Alien Agency" put him to sleep at the wheel. I myself am being taken down unfairly by the RACE; and I have been put into comas and unconsciousness by the psycho race.
One moment your wide awake and the next you are in a total coma or trance. This is the type of technology that Americans must contend with and research! Why was Darryl put to sleep while driving his car? The psycho RACE was hoping he'd get into a fatal car crash! That's why!
(Why are spending billions of American tax dollars in order to seek out life on the planet Mars when the aliens are already in our backyard, and house, and bedroom, ...and they are systematically exterminating the American(human) Race!
Are the leaders in the WhiteHouse and NASA idiots? Well, no, they are CESS Agency___their job is to spend zillions of dollars concealing the fact that the aliens are already here and they are enslaving and exterminating human beings.

If we start printing the truth about the savage CESS(Cultural Elite SS) Alien Agency____the CESS Alien Agency will have to change their policy concerning destroying human beings like Darryl Strawberry, Walter Payton, myself, and others who are standing in their way.

Americans have the right to live and make a living in this country without being attacked by the Psycho CESS Alien Race.

Still don't believe "The Straw" is being "taken down unfairly"? I'll say one word and one word only Kidneys! A favorite organ the psycho alien race likes to attack is the kidneys. There is no such thing as chronic kidney disease or cancer attacking the kidneys. The psycho alien race use the "alien knife" and slice a humans kidneys to pieces___same for other internal organs.

By John Dubrow
The Associated Press
N E W Y O R K, Aug. 22, 1999
Darryl Strawberry had his left kidney removed during cancer surgery earlier this month, placing another hurdle in his possible return to baseball.

And another thing! I might as well bring up Walter Payton. Payton was taken down unfairly. The characteristics of being attacked by the psycho alien race are very apparent. Payton was diagnosed(by CESS Alien Chicago doctors?) with various forms of cancers___very rare they said?

Walter Payton was being "taken down unfairly" by the psycho CESS alien RACE. Walter Payton was taken by the RACE. Walter Payton was murdered!

If Darryl is going to be saved, we, as Americans, must stand up to the psycho alien race___and that means total media coverage and reporting about the extent of the psycho alien race's intervention in the American way of life! And instead of spending zillions of our tax dollars doing bogus research we must spend those dollars researching the psycho predatory alien race that exists here on this planet.

And you wondered why my net sites are being censored? I'm telling it the way it is! There are aliens here and they are cutting humans down left and right!
Thats just the way it is. Believe it or not! I'm writing history accurately, I'm including the "alien factor" into the equation. I don't play games, I just write it the way it is.

Another recent story concerning a celebrity that is being taken down unfairly is the Miami Heat's Alonzo Mourning

According to CNN news and the Associated Press, as of October 11, 2000, Alonzo Mourning is still weighing options concerning a kidney transplant.

He allegedly has a rare "kidney disorder" or disease that has damaged his kidney. He is consulting with doctors in order to determine if treatment would suffice instead of a kidney transplant.

Okay folks, what the hell is going on here! What is the rare type of kidney disorder? There is no such thing as kidney diseases which render the kidneys unfunctional. Nope! These diseases and disorders don't exist____unless their symptoms are created artificially. And of course when we talk about creating symptoms that resemble known diseases or ailments we are talking about the CESS Alien Agency attacking a human being.

The ony way your kidneys are going to shut down is if I take a long bladed knife and stab you in the kidneys. And this is exactly what the alien agency can do; they also can block vital blood circulation to the kidneys and simulate kidney shut-down or failure.

So, assuming the news article about Mourning's kidney is true then I would have to say that he is another celeberity that is being attacked by the "Psycho Alien Race". Move over Gary Coleman, here comes Alonzo Mourning.

The Eternal Flame of Knowledge and Humanity Remains Lit!