Psychiatry, Religion, The Media, and the CESS Alien Race
Or, Look Honey, It's an Alien Conspiracy!
We are not alone on this planet. There are aliens here and many of the the established institutions have been develop to conceal this fact from man! Not only are we not alone but the alien beings have assimilated into human society(they blend) and are systematically exterminating humans(AIDS and other diseases) and assimilating(same thing) humans into their collective, telepathic, race.

So, the function of psychology is not to treat humans that are suffering from mental health diseases, but to treat humans that are being attacked by the CESS alien race. Understanding that they are treating the symptom of an alien attack___and not the cause.

Through-out history documentation exists that points to a superior race or___an alien race. Never, in any books on psychology, psychiatry, sociology, or anthropology___is there an official listing of any other high level being walking the Earth other than Homo Sapien___man!

This is part of the so called system! The game is to conceal the true fact of the alien race from the human population___until its too late! I.e., the humans are totally enslaved or wipe-out; being replaced by alien hybrids that look like humans(but behaviorally, they are very limited).

Reference: The Gods of Eden by William Bramley.
After readiing Bramley's book it appears as if Bramley himself was brainwashed and could not, or did not, understand what he was writing.
Throughout the book he tries to prove the existence of an alien superior race that is enslaving the human race(homo sapien). Using historic documentation and common sense, Bramley does a pretty good job of convincing the reader that this Alien Race or Alien Presenece has been interferring with human society___i.e., interferring with man. Even to the point of stating information about these alien beings taking over the bodies of human beings, etc...

Yet, when he gets to the section on Psychiatry___Bramley acts like Vinnie Barbarino, from "Welcom Back Cotter". Its the old "who?", "what?"___playing dumb routine. If he spends three quarters of the book explaining how an alien race here on Earth is interferring with man kind___even to the point of enslaving and stealing their bodies at birth___why can't he put two and two together and trounce the psychiatry profession!

If aliens exists and they are manipulating and killing human beings___ then it would appear obvious that if humans were/are suffering from mental illnesses that the finger should be pointed in the direction of the Alien Race.

Mr. Bramley receives a grade of F for failing to understand, and or read, what he himself has written about the subject of alien intervention in human society!


The Gods of Eden

By: William Bramley
Dahlin Family Press, 1989

Avon Books 1993

Interesting book but the author fails to understand his own research.

After exposing the reader to historic information pertaining to the existence of alien races and the intervention and enslavement of human society____he fails to put two and two together and take a stand!
Meaning that he should have told the reader that today, at this moment, we Americans(humans) are not alone and that we are living and being exterminated by a psycho alien race that has taken the form of mankind.

He also should have mentioned that such an advanced race would have a more sophisticated method of communication than verbal speaking____and that implies mental telepathy____the data transmission from mind to mind without the use of television, radio, or cellphones.

I like to refer to them as Prime-Star Heads after the telecommunications company. If they are telepathic they are transmitting audio and video signals.

Even with this type of Covert telecommunications ability infiltration of human society would only be possible by an alien race that takes human form.

Additionally, if they are to enslave mankind they must not only control the monetary system(easy enough, but they must also control the minds of men.

(hmmmmm? makes you wonder what caused all those genocides in human history.
If the aliens were assimilating into societies by killing humans, replacing humans with knock-offs, and/or stealing their minds___then they weren't assimilating___they were taking over societies and creating empires.
No wonder throughout history we have the occurences of genocides or mass exterminations. It would appear that these instances are when the humans determine that their race is being snuffed out by the assimilating alien race___and that extermiantion is the only way to deal with that type of psycho alien activity; it then becomes a matter of survival of the human race(homo sapiens).

And the ability to control the thoughts and actions of humans(homo sapiens) is where the psychiatric discipline gets caught with its pants down. They are treating the symptoms, they are not treating the cause! This means that the psychiatric profession is another false market utilized to transfer money from a lot of people into the hands of a few. I wonder who "the few" are? I would take an educated guess and say that the few are the alien infiltrators.

So, based on some historic facts that William Bramley provided, we have deduced correctly that they are here on Earth, they are of advanced technology, they have set-up house in our communities and cities, they are controlling, enslaving, and exterminating humans___and they are what George Orwell is referring to when he coined the phrase "Big Brother". Orwell wasn't referring to the government becoming over zealous concerning control of its citizens___ he was pointing the finger at the alien race.

Of course, if the alien race's objective is complete control of mankind___covertly___then they must infiltrate and control the government and major institutions___and at that point Big Brother becomes equivalent to the Alien Race.

Religion What's the Point? Concealment of the Alien Race!