Who Killed Alan J. Pakula? The Parallax Case!
Alan J. Pakula, the famous Hollywood Director died Friday, November 20 1998.
Pakula was driving along the Long Island Expressway to his north shore home and he was involved in a very strange automobile accident. The accident scenario as reported by the media is sketchy and very unbelievable. What is even more unbelievable is the news media and entertainment industry's acceptance of the official ruling of accidental death.

A member of the film directors "Rat Pack" that incudes Stanley Kubrick, John Frankenhiemer, Sam Peckinpah, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, and Douglas Trumbull.

L.I.E. accident or CESS(Cultural Elite SS) Alien Agency Hit?

According to the NY Post, Hollywood Director Alan J. Pakula(To Kill a Mockingbird, The Parallex View, The Pelican Brief(Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington), The Devil's Own(Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt) was driving west on the Long Island Expressway when a steel pipe crashed through the windshield__ the pipe impaled the director in the head___"he was taken" to the hospital where he died.
"A steel pipe crashed through the windshield,
the pipe impaled the director in the head"
The local and national newspapers listed the death as an accident___but what if it wasn't? What would be the motive behind the murder? A thinking person who cared would start asking these types of questions before closing the file!

Based on facts, I believe the actual accident scenario is impossible, or if it occured the way it was documented by the media, then we are talking the result of devine intervention___and that means the CESS-Alien Agency!

If the Accident scenario is impossible then what happened on that stretch of the L.I.E.?

I contacted the New York Post and NY News Day and tried to locate the investigative reporter assigned to the story. No I.R. was assigned. One would think that based on the strange accident scenario and the infamous Hollywood director involved, that a more thorough investigation would have been conducted?

And___the New York Post waffled on the story. First they said the six foot steel pipe was in the road, hit by another car hurling in the air and through Pakula's White Volvo windshield. Then they said he was following a pipe truck when a pipe fell off the truck causing the accident.

From a scientific point of view, the accident scenario is impossible___the probability is astronomical(based on constraints of our human system and classical mechanics).

But what if it was a CESS-Alien Agency hit! Similar to the Space Shuttle Challenger and the recent Air France Concorde disaster? Then the accident scenario is very believable.
But who wanted the director dead? And Why?

August 7, 2000 Wayne Manzo