Oklahoma City and The X-Files Movie
Or, Look Honey, Maybe it was a CESS Alien Agency Hit!
When I was being attacked by the psycho CESS alien race in Chicago___I tried to escape their viscous torture by ducking into one of those cheap movie theatres where for about two bucks you get to watch movies that were hot items about six months ago.

So, for about two bucks I get into the Village Theatre on North Clark Street(oh, for all you analysts___the sleazy hotel was on South Clark not South State). What movie did I watch? The X-Files Movie! What else?

The movie starts and I'm not getting into it because unlike the naive humans who watch the movie I know that the few people that are in the theatre are CESS Aliens and I also know that when I leave the theatre I'm right back in psycho alien hive terrritory.

The movie begins and they are making some statement about aliens existing here on Earth____like they were taking over peoples bodies? I dunno(actually I do know; but shhhhh!)____then we cut to the Federal building and it looks like they are bringing alien bodies or people killed by the aliens into this building. Maybe it was the building adjacent to the federal building. All I remember is they blew up the building. And I'm in this theatre with about two or three other people and I'm looking at the ruins of this building and I'm going____hey, didn't I see that image on the cover of Time and Newsweek Magazines back when the Oklahoma City bombing occurred?

Although I must do some more research on the movie___at the time, the elements fell into place. It appeared as if the X-Filers were trying to tell the public the real reason behind the Oklahoma city bombing. That's the way I interpretted the movie segment at the time. I suppose if you were in my shoes(living in an alien psycho hive city___being taken down unfairly___you'd feel the same way also. (I won't talk about my hand curling up into a claw hand due to cramps while watching the movie no of getting stung by a bee the next day while selling Chicago Sun Times at Wrigley Field.

Recently, while working at Cinergy Field home of the Cincinnati Reds___and one of the few major league stadiums that is shaped like a flying saucer___I noticed an image that reminded me of the X-Files Movie and my interpretation.

Sorta self explanatory!

Oklahoma Federal Building

Was the Oklahoma City bombing connected to some "alien conspiracy"? I believe so. If you know what is going on concerning the extermination of Americans(human beings) and their replacement by the CESS Alien Race___where the writers of the X-Files movie were coming from. They were trying to inform the American public the real reason the fed building was blown!
Well, that's just my opinion but the factual evidence continues to increase. There are aliens here in this country and they are controlling and exterminating human beings.

Where were you when the bombing occured? Sort a like, what were you doing when JFK was shot?

I recently arrived in New York City from Boston. I had a copy of the TV news show I produced in Vermont and was trying to find attorneys and/or media people interested in my story. I was staying at a drop in shelter near Grand Central Station.

I was one of the few caucasion men at the Saint Agnes drop in shelter. I was tired and being fried by the CESS-Alien Agency (mind fog and skinny body). The big screen tv was on and we were watching the news. Next thing on the news was a special news story about the Oklahoma City bombing. So, we're watching the news and then two guys walk in___they looked like government agents(well dressed, suits, etc...). They look around the big room with all those chairs and homeless people slouched, sleeping, and beaten down. They suddenly spot me and they stare for a few seconds; they pause, and then turn around and walk out of the room. A very bizare scene.

I should also add that during the news cast of the tradegy there was a man who looked(okay, resembled) a defendant in my civil rights slavery case. If you've been following my story you know all about the CESS Alien Race and the look-a-alikes they use in order to send messages to humans outside their system.

What was the real reason for the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building and why did the X-Files writers decide to use similar scenes at the beginning of the movie.

Remember, the whole system is controlled and monitored by the CESS Alien Agency___and this includes the news bureaus and media.

What was the real motivation behind the bombing of that building. Answer that question and you answer the same questions concerning Waco Texas and The World Trade Center and other high profile tradegies in the news.

Notice the sign "HUNT". Coincidence? Not! Cincinnati is CESS Alien Agency city. What is the message here? The word "hunt" can be associated with hunting humans(outsiders)____the flying saucer shaped Cinergy Field juxtaposed next to the "Hunt sign" in addition to the building rummble?
Hmmmmmm? I wonder?