Declare Marital Law! Cancel the Presidential Election!

CESS otherwise known as the Cultural Elite Secret Service, The Alien Agency, and/or The Company!

Do we have a choice of political leaders here in America? No! They are all CESS(Company). Unless a major political candidate makes an official public statement revealing that the United States is an occupied country____the elections are useless! We are approaching Germany 1939 very quickly.

The middle class is getting poorer and the working class is equivalent to slaves of the Hebrews.

The CESS(Cultural Elite SS)-Alien Agency has destroyed everything the founding fathers of this country had hoped for by utilizing the Alien Agency in order to establish a CASTE or CLASS system embeded in American Democracy. Those who are connected, those who have class, are the rulers of this country and literally get away with murder.

The Bushes are the Clintons are The Gores are the Liebermans! They are all Company!

What do we do? Have a group of "human"(humans not connected, without class) military leaders and ploliticians (no women__the women are all connected?) declare Martial Law. Take over the presses, the media, the banks, and change the currency.

Force all those who are CESS-Alien Agency(Company) out of the country or determine a way of changing them back into human beings.

If this is not done they(The CESS Alien Agency) will exterminate all human beings! Period! The systematic genocide of Americans(humans) is ongoing as we speak. The human Americans don't know it but they are at war with their neighbors___and their neighbors (CESS-Alien Agency) are killing them.

The same thing happened in Germany in the late 1930s. The truth is never accurately recorded because most people are afraid of the alien agency!

So now we have this guy name Lieberman on the ticket with Gore! Lieberman? Lieberman? Where have I heard that name? A Ha!

The Boys From Brazil, 1978 (Ira Levin, Directed by Franklin Schaffner)

.....famed Nazi hunter Ezra Lieberman (Laurence Olivier) picks up Mengele's scent and begins unraveling his plan. This plan revolves around a bunch of extremely annoying adopted children who have jet black hair, blue eyes and are probably rather upset that they're the only kids in the gym shower whose scrotum is noticeably asymmetrical. Hopefully, I haven't given anything away there.....

In the book one of the Hitler clones makes the statement similar to: "I'm not mentally retarded___you know".

The inference to mental retardation makes no sense unless you are aware of the CESS-Alien Agency and what they are. They are modified humans or full blown aliens. They are telepathic, have different type of vision, collective thought?, mind scanning and controlling, and they have the use of alien weaponry that causes disease, pain, and death in human beings.

So what about the inference towards mental retardation? Human beings are considered mentally retarded in comparison with the CESS-idiots with CLASS! They exterminate any being that is inferior or mentally ill!

Do we have a problem here in America? Yeah, the country is becoming occupied by a bunch of idiot thinking aliens that have no respect or loyalty towards the United States.

So now we have this guy Lieberman working with Al Gore Company Man? What do we do?

Declare Martial Law before its too late! Clinton=Gore=Bush=Cheney=CESS-Company!

If you are interested in this type of news story try and access my pages. I am a victim of the CESS-Alien Agency. I was attacked because I am human. Once a human gets attacked their presence becomes extremely obvious. We are not alone and they control all information and communications in this country.

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