Moes Baby Spanks Madonna!! Recently stolen domain name of a very informative investigative news magazine that exposes the Cultural Elite SS Alien Agency and the extermination of the human race!

They control the media(all media), they control the country, and they are taking down Americans (humans) unfairly(controlled extermination)___the documented news media(tv, papers, radio) is utilized as a vehicle to transmitting encoded messages. To whom? Those humans who are being taken down unfailry and who are in the know about the "agency".

Also, remember, all documented news is the result of the CESS-Alien Agency. The mainstream news media only documents CESS-Alien Agency news. So, if you want to investigate the CESS-Agency, investigate the news!
The CESS-Alien Agency is imbeded, or homogonized with the human race. is the microscope needed to view the heterogeniety of it all__and I'm the publisher(author) of so allow me to decipher the following news stories.

Madonna(the Madonnas? Appears to be more than one of them? Madonna or POD Dona?)is CESS Agency. The movie Desparately Seeking Susan was a warning. They should have arrested Madonna after that movie was released. The whole movie is the encryption of the CESS-Alien Race's extermination of human beings.

The ghost of Gene(I was taken down unfairly) Siskel says "one thumbs up"! Wayne is right, rent the video DSS and review his website___decode the movie and learn the truth about this savage planet.It is a Utopia___only if you are a member of the alien race___else, its a living HELL!

Okay, enough of that, lets analyse a recent news paper coded message. Who was it directed to? Hmmmmmm? Perhaps the newspaper is was found in is the clue!

The Cincinnati Post, Saturday, August 12, 2000
(remember, very few people read the Saturday newspaper! Hint!)
Page 14a.

Names, Faces section


Guy Ritchie, Rocco Ritchie, and Madonna? Basic misinformation about Madonna and Company
(I thought Italians were of darker skin complexion? How did Moe sneak into the Ciccone family?)

Guy Ritchie and the new "agency" baby is not the interesting part of the story(although we should do some research on this "English Film Director" Ritchie? His background might be just as fabricated as Moe's and as bleak as that Armenian film director "what's his name"?).

Here is the interesting part! Right below the Madonna article is the following article:


Selina Bishop, daughter of blues guitartist Elvin Bishop, was the victim of a savage killing where she was hacked to pieces with two others and stuffed into gym bags__ the bags were later found in a river? According to the article five people were killed including her mother.

Hmmm? Note the juxtapostion of the two articles. Note the name of the victim "Salina"____Hmmmm? That name sounds familar? Also, based on my research and experience, when a human is caught by the CESS-Alien Agency__ they are hacked to pieces. This is called giving the person a complete "military commitment".

I doubt very much that the murder was a drug deal gone bad___or if it was___it was the result of CESS- Agency manipulation. (Note: Desparately Seeking Susan, Susan(Madonna) is told
"No More Dead Bodies!", and Susan replies: "See what I can do!"_____Hmmmmmm?
She's then told: "No more trouble Susan!" and she replies "Rats!" A rat is a human who is keen on the CESS-Alien Agency___and who doesn't approve of their agenda). Another reference is the movie "1984" we find a segment where Winston views his dead mother___pondering why she was killed___his mother is covered with rats. The symbolism here is that she was a "rat outsider" or human. Winston and the others who were caught by big brother(the CESS-Alien Agency) were humans who believed in humanity and hated the system___they were "rats".

Why put these articles not only on the same page but one on top of the other.Hmmmmm?
Let's look at the article below the "Savage Death" article.


This article is about the Rap star "Eminem" and the suit his mother has against him!
Seems harmless but lets examine the article title based on the information provided in
"No Way" to Suing his Mom!
The humans that the CESS-Agency (i.e., the Company) enslave are called babies. Madonna's song "My Baby's Got a Secret" isn't about her maternal baby its about the slave human baby she owns as property. Also reference the song "Papa Don't Preach"; she is talking about here human slave baby___her "Boy Toy"___her human baby that "doesn't see". The song "You'll See" starts to make some sense! Humans can't see the CESS-Alien Agency only connected humans, CESS, can see the agency!

My 1996 federal civil rights lawsuit has Madonna(Louise) listed as a defendant!

In the movie DSS the gangster who is chasing Susan around the city is called "Wayne the Gangster" in the orginal movie script.
Madonna is connected to Brian Manzo(Cross Brother and defendant)___both are CESS-Alien Agency and could not have made it in society without using the "agency". Framing me using the CESS Agency goes back to the early eighties when Madonna was struggling on the streets of Manhattan. Brian Manzo had ties to the entertainment industry via the Copa Cabana(The "Nees" and the CESS-Alien Agency). Note: The "Nees" is a CESS-Agency name as is the name "Fortuneoff". These are made up agency names.

I have been called Madonna's baby or slave by those in the know! She assisted in throwing me out using the CESS-Alien Agency. Another interesting fact is the name of a musician in the band "Marilyn Manson". The musician's name is "Madonna Wayne Gacy". I dunno, it makes you wonder!

With this info___lets re-formulate the headlines.

a)"Madonna's Baby"

b)"Savage Death Wayne"

c)"No Way Suing Madonna"

Hmmmmmm? If you were a human guy kept on the streets since 1993__and that you are a prisoner is a CESS-alien hive city(Cincinnati)__and you are being "taken down unfairly"(alien technology used to torture, maime, and kill)__and that you have a case against Madonna__you might interpret the juxtapostion of the articles and their content the way I have.

Another fact concerning Psycho Madonna and the CESS-Alien Agency___there was a foto of Madonna within the last year or so where she was wearing a very interesting black leather dress. I call it the psycho slasher dresss.
First of all, black leather is the symbol of the CESS-Alien SS, secondly, the dress had numerous open regions that resembled slash marks! The symbolism is that of a person being given a "complete military commital"___ similar to Selina Bishop and Nicole Simpson.

Oh, another point pertaining to "The Post" article. Below the "Madonna" article, "The Selina Bishop" article, and the "Rapper" article, is a photograph and text pertaining to "The Original Kings of Comedy"___numerous African American comedians and other entertainment industry people were paying homage to Richard Pryor. The foto shows Richard Pryor surrounded by Walter Latham, Cedric The Entertainer, Paul Mooney, D.L. Hughley, Spike Lee, and Steve Harvey. Richard Pryor is in a wheel chair and looks like he is waisting away!

Another interesting juxtaposition of articles since every on the inside(CESS) knows that Richard Pryor is being "Taken Down Unfairly" by the CESS Alien Race. He's not suffering from any disease! He's being fried to death!

This is the way I interpret the news because I have been sensitized to the CESS Alien Agency and the CESS News Agency! Then again maybe I don't know anything about anything and I should be sharing a padded cell in Los Angeles with Mr. Madonna, the homeless guy who broke into here Hollywood Hills house "Casa De Lago"and declared himself husband of the material girl! Then again___maybe my investigation should be taken a bit more seriously.

Where is Mr. Madonna anyhow? Bets are the real Mr. Madonna(Hoskins) was slaughtered in whatever detention facility he was sent to! When the CESS-Agency catches em, they sacrifice em!

And that's the rest of the story!

The Best New X-Files Movie Script on the Net!! The Truth is Here!

Revelation about the "Savage" alien race that has occupied the United States!

They are enslaving and exterminating human beings___this is what the movie "Battlefield Earth" was trying to tell the public!
Is Hollywood the only venue with enough guts to make historical documents(films) about the savage alien race?

Based on the true story of an engineering intern student(Wayne Manzo) who was hunted, framed, then "taken down unfairly" by the Alien Race!

If is censored call, your favorite radio station(don't call Howard Stern), newspapers and tv news___and raise some hell! You, as an American citizen have the right to access this information.
Information is power___and that's why the alien race controls the major information sources, including the internet! They want to enslave and/or exterminate the human race!
Wayne Manzo__Publisher, Plaintiff
513-766-2003-1110(voice, fax),
CESS-Alien City of Cincinnati, OH
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Being "Taken Down Unfairly"