The Linda Evangelistas and the Media"
Linda Evangelista or perhaps a woman who has obtained the fascinating looks of the supermodel whose face owned the fashion magazine covers during the 90s!

A model of a model? Or the real thing?

Celine Linda? Here Linda has that cute and sassy Celine look. I wonder witch Linda this is and what year this was photographed. Note the smaller size of the ears and they are more streamlined__i.e., closer to the head.
Also note the less pronounced nose.

On the other hand, the long haired Linda has those large goofy "alien" stretched ears that are pulled away from the head. This must be Linda's evil cousin Serena?

Linda Evangelista. I wonder why Kyle left Linda? Or did Linda leave Kyle? Witch Linda did Kyle leave? Did he know about the dupes?

If I was Kyle it would drive me nuts knowing that my fiance was many. It would be like the "Micheal Keaton" movie "Multiplicity" or the 60's tv series "The Patty Duke Show" and "Bewitched".
They're cousins identical cousins____or, she's my nasty cousin Serena____she just happens to look exactly like me?

Evangelista has appeared in so many magazine and on so many magazine covers it quite hard to keep track.

But when one tries to organize the photos th! first thing that happens is that you get the feeling that there are more than one Linda Evangelistas. That based on facial characteristics and body shape___that there are various people who are posing as Linda.

Maybe this comes as no surprise to many people in the high fashion industry or in the entertainment industry___but for most people interested in the celebrities and celebrity lifestyles___we like to know about such stuff.

If I'm going to pay a bunch of money to watch a John Travolta motion picture then I want to watch Travolta on that silver screen and not some cheap near look-alike knock-off.

Hair Color Chameleon?
or Multiplicity?


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