The CESS Alien Agency Controls The Libraries

My name is Wayne Manzo, I'm an inernet publisher and an avid user of the public libraries.

I've used libraries in NYC, Chicago, and New Jersey.

As a patron and American I must complain___ it is my duty and obligation!

There is no room for,or purpose of, "Agency" people(?) hired to do the work of American librarians.

We, the patrons, don't need or want librarians that are "CESS-Agency"!

I, as a human and American, have received an enormous amount of "agency hits" while working in the Chicago Public Library___the Gary Pulbic Library___and the Cincinnati Public Library.

In addition, the feed back from the "CESS- Agency" staff at these libraries is outrageous.

Targeting of Americans by these "agency" units shall not be tolerated by Americans. When these librarian Agency Units are activated___they become rude, crude, and very intrusive.

Also, with all the federal money and donated funds to the libraries___how come the internet and computer labs are so archaic? What happened to all the money. Here at the Cincy library the machines are outdated, access is too slow, and these machines are not configured with word processors?

Also, the "Agency" has no right to interfere with data transfer, crashing, and/or stalling the machines just to harass the patrons.

Data transfer the libraries should be on order of magnitude of 100 to 500 kbytes/sec____not the 1-20 kbytes per second that we can ony hope for at the libraries.

Special note: data transfer rates should be consistent through-out the working day. Not just for short intervals of time.

Well those are my gripes!

Oh, another thing. Last month I was put into a coma at the Cincy library. I was researching using the LMP(lit agents) about 9:30 am___the next thing I know its 2:30 in the afternoon and my back-pack was gone. The Cincy library is an "agency" library___and I'm being watched like the goose that lays the golden eggs. The third floor is the administrative floor and is extremely secure.

The library staff took my stuff or acted as agents of those who did. They know who has my back-pack and I want it back! Why?
Because my backpack contained what is considered federal evidence___photographs, negatives, various articles, and legal documents.

These are my gripes! I want my backpack (including the contents) returned and I want the computer software and internet accessiblility increased___and I want the "agency librarians" re-programed so that they are better impersonators of human beings.

Thank you,

Wayne Manzo, Publsher!!