John W. Hinckley's Father, Dick Cheney,
William P. Rogers, Chief Justice William Rehnquist,
Rupert Murdoch, and Colonel Kurtz

Why These Men Look Similar!

This is originally from the "pelican page"

Ok, the 100 million dollar question: Who associated with "The Real Pelican Brief", cv-92-3553 NHP Newark looks sort a like the gentlemen pictured above?

The picture of Rogers was obtained from the book "Challenger: A Major Malfunction". The other picture is from the Chicago Tribune__remember the bogus Clinton Impeachment Trials? (How about some "American Whitewater" instead of the fabricated "CESS Agency" scandals?) Supreme Court Judge Rehnquist? And the new addition was the Sec Def during George Bush Sr's administration, also listed as a defendant in my 1992 federal civil rights complaint___and is currently George Bush, Jr's vice presidential running mate(Dick Cheney).

There is another addition to this list of near look-alikes___but you'll never guess who this guy is. Hint, he is associated with a major news event that occured during the Reagan Administration and his son had a bizare relationship with a young Hollywood actress.

Okay, I'll tell you, the other addition is the father of John W. Hinckley. Hinckley is the man who tried to assassinate president Reagan and ended up shooting Reagan and three other men on March 30, 1991.

A more recent addition to the list is that of the media mogul Rupert Murdoch. A recent foto in a Paris Match magazine has good ol Rupert sporting the receding hairline and similar glasses as the other men.

So, we have all these major newsmakers looking suspiciously like Colonel Gilbert Weden___aka Colonel Kurtz(Apocalypse Now).
Kurtz, I mean Weden, is a defendant in my federal civil rights slavery(death penalty) case. Weden was the mysterious colonel who called me back in 1987 and offered me the civilian intern position working at NASA-Lewis. Remember, I never contacted the U.S. Army about any employment opportunity. The call, and the job, was part of the "CESS Agency Trap".
Shuttle Mission 51L, The Challenger Mission, ended in disaster__as scheduled. The crew of the Challenger were human sacrifices and their destiny was written on their faces as they boarded the launch pad elevator that "co-ld" January morning.

Also, "People Weekly Celebrates People", The Best of '74-'96, the foto of the Challenger crew; Resnicks name tag is croped and reads: Dy Resnick

Note, that launch was from the pad that had been mothballed for tens years__did NASA expect a disaster?
Jack Hinkley, Father of John W. Hinkley, Jr
John Hinkley, Jr (alleged lone assassin) shot President Reagan on March 30, 1981___his bullets also hit three other people including "James Brady"

Jack Hinkley was(is) a personal friend and political
supporter of then Vice President George Bush.
Jack, Jo Ann Hinkley, and Larry King: People September 1, 1997

What's even more mysterious? "Larry King" canoodling with "Angie Dickenson"!