Julia, Fate(Magazine), and Destiny
Julia Roberts and Fate Magazine

On the cover of the July 1997? Fate Magazine is Julias picture. The cover story is about alien intervention in human society. Julia's quotes support the premise of the article.

If I was to tell you that human reality is really a subset of a much larger reality that includes the presence of "alien entities"___you'd say to yourself, how would I know? My reality treats the unknowns as myth, legend, religion, or manifestations of fake, contrived, illnesses.

This is true and the reason being that the alien entity doesn't want humans to think about their existence___not scientifically, philosophically, intellectually, or otherwise.

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The above websites(censored) give more information concerning the alien intervention and control of human beings here on Earth. The sites explore a federal civil rights case that defines the term "human slavery". In exploring the various aspects of the case we find that an alien existence is present___an alien species or race___that is embedded in human society. This alien race has the power to control, torture, and exterminate human beings covertly___and thus the ability to take over a nation___from the inside exists and is being utilized as we speak.

Many of Julia Robert's movies follow a certain theme or agenda. And this is only recognizable if you understand the embedded alien system(race) that exists in human society.

If we examine Julia's movies__ from "Flatliners" to "The Pelican Brief" to "Conspiracy Theory", we find a repeating theme or content that the average public (human)viewer doesn't comprehend.

The trick is to read into the titles, plots, character names, etc___and question if they can be interpretted different ways or if the story idea itself could have been based on a real humans life?

Example: "Flatliners" is about people who are being killed and then brought back to life. Not possible you say. What if alien technology exists such that a human can be killed(vital functions cease) and then brought back to life (re-animated?).

Is this movie a spoof on the alien agency?
So, Julia is making movies that have embedded informtion about the alien culture and/or the alien agency. The alien culture, the alien race, is embedded in human society. Julia Roberts and many of the other movie stars are making movies about the interaction between the two races.

But, when a human views the films or reads the books a whole different interpretation is obtained.

I suppose an anology is innuedo via image, symbolism, and content. Since there are two worlds everything has two meanings!_____________Continued!

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