The Underground Press, The CESS Alien Agency,
And Jesus's Penis!
"The Underground Press In America"
Robert J. Glessing, Indiana University Press 1970

On page 18 bottom paragraph:

John Bryans Open City has a more interesting and significant history. Started in San Francisco in November of 1964 as the San Francisco Open City Press, "Bryan's virgin" publishing effort lasted for four issues in the Bay Area.

A former music critic and reporter for both the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, Bryan launched his anti-establishment sheet with a $700 severance check from the Chronicle plus a multigraph printing press picked up cheaply as a U.S. Army reject. After the San Francisco effort folded Bryan took a job as Sunday Magazine editor for William Randolph Hearst's Herald Examiner in Los Angeles, where he lasted less than two yearsl. When told by his superiors that a woodcut of the Madonna and Christ Child was unacceptable because the Christ's penis was showing, Bryan quit in a huff and joined Kunkin's Free Press as managing editor.

In his first article for the "Freep", about the rejection of the Christ child wood cut, he referred to the Herald-Examiner's "Castrating Christ for Christmas"

For a detailed analysis of the above you'll have to access But let me point out the key targeting words and how they relate to my civil rights case.

My 1992 civil rigths case CV-92-3553, NHP Newark, Defendants: Brian Manzo, Peter Meitner, Madonna Ciccone, Teresa Kline, U.S. Army, and other defedants, is a CESS Alien Agency case that exposes slavery in the United States.

In this CESS-Agency game the players are given numbers. Madonna=5, Brian Manzo=3? The person they are crucifying is the loneliest number, number 1.
So, the docket number 3553 has meaning!
Remember, this book was published in 1970!

Brian=Bryan, Madonna=Louise Ciccone, U.S. Army=U.S. Army Propulsion Directorate, Cleveland, U.S. Army Reject=Christ Child=Guess Who?, P=Pete Mietner__
Also, note the acronym used for the "Free Press".
Freep or FREE-P P=Pete Meitner!

So, that mysterious phone call and job offer from Col Weden(Kurtz) of the U.S. Army Propulsion Directorate wasn't so mysterious after all.

The USAPD is CESS Alien Agency as is NASA(NSA?)-Lewis Research Center__and I was being played as a pawn in the CESS-Alien Agency Game.

When the CESS-Alien Agency is playing a human being the outcome is usually a "military commitment" where the human is hacked to pieces. This is the reason for all the murders and accidents, there is a CESS war going on.

And the news? The clue is "Huey Lewis and the News". Huey meaning Helicopter or the USAPD at NASA-Lewis!
All the main stream and alternative news agency are CESS Agency. Those who take down the human unfairly(crucify the person) control the news media__and the fingers are pointing at LEWIS RESEARCH CENTER! This Makes sense! An administrator from LEWIS takes full control of NASA__Hmmmmm? Dan Goldin? A nice Italian boy makes good and becomes head of the whole National Aeronautics and Space Administration____meanwhile, the CESS Alien Agency is crucifying a former student employee (gentile).

Man! I love this stuff!
With funding and other support I can do more research and perhaps develop a cable news show!

Wayne Manzo__Publisher, Plaintiff
513-766-2003-1110(voice, fax),
CESS-Alien City of Cincinnati, OH
Publicity and Sponsorship Needed:
Being "Taken Down Unfairly"