Robert Hoskins, Victim or Predator?
Or, Look Honey, Madonna is Hunting Again!
Was Robert Hoskins(the alleged Madonna stalker) the victim?
As an expert in the CESS Alien Agency and how they play with, manipulate, and torture human beings(strangers, outsiders)___I've reached the conclusion that perhaps Bob Hoskins was the victim and not the victimizer.

According to the mass media, Hoskins broke into Madonna's Hollywood Hills mansion and claimed that he was her husband.

Madonna should be so lucky! It appears as if she can bed'em but she certainly can't wed'em! I wonder why?

If Hoskins broke into Madonna's mansion and had these strange ideas that he was her legal husband___you can be sure that the CESS Alien Agency is responsible for putting those thoughts in his mind and manipulating him into trespassing against Madonna(US).

Assuming that Hoskins was manipulated into breaking the law___then he was entrapped___and should not have been charged and/or incarcerated. Why was he manipulated and what eventually happened to Mr. Hoskins? Very good questions.

And unlike, the tabloids, "America's Line: The Truth is Here" shall do the follow up story concerning Mr. Madonna(Bob Hoskins) and determine if he is was the victim or victimizer___and whether or not he is still alive.

_______Continued (9-9-20)

Castillo Del Lago, Hollywood Hills, CA
The color scheme is similar to that of George Harrison's mansion.