How the CESS Aliens Killed the Gay Man(Humans)!

How did the Alien Race throw out 500,000 (or more) human males without America taking notice? Easy, they used their technology and turned the American males(humans) into gay guys then made the cities appear as liberal havens___where they could meet men like themselves and not feel out of place.

It was a great strategy but caring Americans like myself are investigating the alien race__known as the CESS (Cultural Elite SS) or the Alien Agency__ and are telling the public the truth.

The cities are CESS Alien Hives(HIV?)___when the human who thought they were gay arrived they were quickly tagged and "taken down unfairly"___AIDS, HIV?

Alien technology(weaponry) was used to fry the gay guys and create symptoms similar to AIDS and HIV. Or the same technology was used to inject the gay guys with the virus___then take them down unfairly. Understand, the game the alien race is playing is smoke as many humans as possible under the guise of disease, accident, or crimianl activity.

Another great story idea that is based on fact! Remember the experiments___a bunch of gay guys having gay sex and only a select few acquires AIDS? Not a disease idiots! CESS are smoking humans!