Firestone Tire Fiasco and the CESS Agency!
Its not the tires that are the problem it's the RACE.

So, the latest CESS Alien Agency news(hit) story is the FireStone Tire problem.

Based on my expert opinion its not the tires that are at fault its the CESS Agency and the misuse of their technology.

I believe, that at this point, the tire engineers know what they are doing, and those tires have been tested thoroughly before they were put on the market. If the tires were faulty then we'd have a much larger data-base of car crashes caused by the defective tires.

Something else must be causing the tires to disintegrate and catistrophically fail. And the answer to that question is the CESS Alien Agency. The CESS(cultural elite SS) Alien Agency___otherwise known as "The Company" utilizes alien technology in order to sabatoge people, products, and businesses that are not CESS(Company) and that hate the CESS!

Proof of the technology? As a human American who is being taken down unfairly___I have witnessed(and felt) my new running shows quickly deteriorate___within weeks after being purchased. What caused the rubber, clothe, and nylon to disintegrate to a point where the shoes were uncomfortable and dangerous to wear? The running shows were being fried___ and the only entity here on Earth(?) that has this capability (culpability) is the CESS Alien Agency.

So, Firestone hates "The Company"(The CESS) and Firestone dislikes the CESS's policy of throwing human beings out and replacing them with idiot CESS Borg workers. And perhaps Firestone hates "The Company's" control of all the markets and the media in this country.

So, Firestone takes a stand against the CESS and what happens? Firestone gets hit and gets hit big! The CESS fry some tires and cause some accidents and presto___Firestone is in trouble.

Why Firestone? Who owns Firestone these days? What about their "culture" versus that of the CESS(controlling America)? Hmmmmm?

Why Tires? Why Tires? Hmmmmm? Tires? Bingo! The Air France Concorde crash! Investigators stated that the tires blew because of debri on the strip. The tires then blasted through the fuel tanks causing huge leaks___and the rest is aviation history. What about those tires? GoodYear Tires! The Concord takes off in a straight line, if the object damaged the first tire it would have damaged the second tire___in addition, the tire companies design the aircraft tires so they are somewhat tolerant to F.O. on the tarmack!

So, the Goodyear tire blows and takes down the Concord. How many people perished in that flight? 100? 200? Yet, aircraft tires aren't supposed to explode when they run over F.O. on the strip? What about the GoodYear tire? How come there isn't a huge investigation concerning the faulty tires used on the Concord? What about the GoodYear tires used on the other commercial aircraft of the world? The Akron boys from Goodyear fly to France and cover up the story. GoodYear is major league CESS___i.e., The Company!

I suggest American leaves Firestone(Nashville) alone and focuses on the other tire company, the CESS Agency company in the Psycho State of Ohio: GOODYEAR TIRE_Akron!

There is a war going on and the Americans(humans) still don't understand. The CESS Agency is destroying the people and businesses of this country. The repercutions of this activity is the various news events that their media does such a swell job covering!

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I am the plaintiff in a civil rights case that involves GoodYear! The case exposes the CESS Alien Agency and the occupation of America! This is not a case! This is a War!
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