Why Hasn't Technology "Assimilated" into Our Everyday Lives?
From gigahertz microprocessors to video processing devices that fit into the eye of a needle___why hasn't technology of this type become available to the everday person as they go about their daily routine.

Most if not all of the technological devices that an American interacts with in todays society are quite low tech. The computerized ATM(automated bank teller) to the scanners at the supermarket___are all considered low technology. Why hasn't America's infrastructure been over-hauled to integrate this technology.

Old subway systems in New York City and Chicago (and other cities). Diesel buses that utilize technology that dates back to the 1950s. Railroad and even commercial jet liners that are still utilizing technology that is quite archaic.

Why no electic buses and cars? Why no high speed commuter trains(Oh, they are being build). How come public "computer" access still dates back to the 1990s? How come billboard signs and road signs are still_still?

It seems like technology is advancing at an alarming rate but our everday life isn't changing all that dramatically. If a person could be plucked from the 1940's and placed in todays society___he/she wouldn't find adapting bery difficult. The so-called infrastructure of American society hasn't changed all that much. Hey, the Nikes may look different but they still function the same as Chuck Connors.

So what the hell is going on? Why the apparent stagnation?

My theory is that our infrastructure is not being modified to reflect the technological advancements because such advancements aren't necessary.

Why? Because instead of the infrastructure being modified___it is man that is being modified.

Specifically, humans are being assimilate into the CESS Alien Race. Instead of society's structure becoming high tech___the humans are being modified, transformed, etc... into high tech beings where data communication far exceeds verbal and visual symbolism (i.e., data head telepaths___aka, Prime Star Heads).

These borgheads are telepathic and collective and reside in what are called CESS Agency hives. They don't need to restructure society into techno societies because the people themselves are being morphed into techno-beings.

Is this a good thing? Not for humanity! No! It is a good thing if you are building an alien empire and want to exterminatte or enslave the human population, destroy free will, and remove any form of the democratic process or any form of competative capitalism.

Speaking of capital, I need Grants, Funding, Resources__to continue my research on the CESS-Alien Empire and the "Taking of America"!

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