The Stealing of! Internic, NSI, and TUCOWS!
My Domain Name "" was recently stolen. This occured because I was late in paying my Network Solutions(Nic) re-registration fee.

I am homeless and have provided the net community with one of the most interesting investigative news websites in existence. Period!

My site exposes a "white slavery" federal civil rights case(I'm the plaintiff) and it also exposes the "system"___If you haven't a clue___have a stiff drink and access: (old site) (first link reveals the real menu. Not revised lately)

Other pages:

NetSolutions and Nic refuse to re-assign me the domain name__the new owner bought the name out of malice and is not using it! The contact info is bogus and the new owner allegedly resides in New Zealand.

Since I established the DN and was corresponding with NS and Nic when the DN was stolen (I'm homeless and don't have a credit card so I couldn't re-register on-line); they should automatically give me the DN back.

But Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

NS and Nic are playing games. Since I cannot afford a dispute arbiter___ what can I do instead.'

Also, since my whole situation is a controversial powder keg___If I was to file some sort-a business complaint concerning the DN___what type of compaint and where would be the best place to file(DC, VA, CA?).

Thank you for your info and I might add your logo to my websites.

Also, if you waive the registration fee I'd appreciate it.

Special note: My business site has been censored since it came on-line. If it wasn't censored I'd be a very wealthy man___and famous!

If we can work on freeing my site and getting me some publicity___payment of the fee would be a cinch!

Thank you again,

Wayne Manzo,
Publisher: "America's Line: The Truth is Here!"

From the Agency city of Cincinnati, OH
(on the street and being taken down unfairly___
I need publicity or I dissappear!)