The Boeing Chinook Helicopter lawsuit that the mass media recently publicized as a 60 million dollar settlement is very interesting.

On face value it appeared as if it was a battle won by the underdog against the might goliath Boeing Helicopter. But what is the story behing the story and how is the U.S. Army Propulsion DirectorateUSAPD involved? Who are they? What are they? and why have they been involved in numerous big money lawsuits since perhaps 1988?

Case background: According to the news media(since I don't have the time nor resouces, I'm going to use data from Rick Anderson's article in the Seattle Weekly), Brett Robby Felt a 45 year old former engineer from Ohio, who was laid off by a subcontractor in 1994, filed a "False Claims Act" which entitles citizens to file grievences for fraud and misuse of government funds on behalf of all taxpayers___and another filed by the government in 1997 after the United States joined "Felt" in his claim against Boeing Helicopter.

So, in essence, "Felt" files a claim saying that Boeing allowed defective parts to be used in the Chinnok transport helicopter(twin rotor troop carrier that has been around since the key punched computer cards)__the government later joins "Felt" and files suit__after much litigation Boeing settles but insists that their product was delivered as specified by government contractual agreement. I.e., the helicopter transmissions did not contain any defective gears or related transmission parts.

Who am I? My name is Wayne Manzo, I was an engineering intern student working for the U.S. Army Propulsion Directorate(USAPD) (Aviation System Command) back in 1988. I was an engineering intern student working at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA)-Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH.

I was a naive mechanical/aero engineering graduate student from the suburbs of northern New Jersey. I received a call from a mysterious Army Colonel (lets call him Kurtz) who offered me job with the U.S. Army Propulsion Directorate(USAPD)___yeah, you guessed it___this office is responsible for contract specifications and procurement of helicopter propulsion systems. And yes, this includes the power trains of ALL U.S. Army helicopters.

It was not apparent to the young naive engineer that the office was full blown CESS(cultural elite SS) Alien Agency. Yeah, I was employed by those shady, spooky, characters known as "US"(you know, the ones that know too much about your past and future__ they are of the telepathic, scanning alien race__ believe it or not!). I should have realized that something was up when shorty after I arrived they hired a NAZI feminist JAP who was to work with me as an engineering intern.

Well, you know where this is leading, the job offer was a CESS agency setup(I never applied to the Army for a job)___and within eight months I was framed, fired, then the "CESS Alien Agency" was used to take me down unfairly. I've been on the streets since 1993 after being released from a 360 illegal incarceration in Nevada for filing a civil rights complaint against the U.S. Army. While incarcerated I was chemically castrated and the CESS technology has been used to keep me tortured and on the streets.

The picture here is that I was offered the position by a bunch of CESS-Alien Spooks because they needed new blood for their war game.

Okay, so I'm not the only person who insists that the country is being controlled by an alien entity and that they are hunting and destroying human beings.

What does this have to do with the Chinnok Helicopter story?

Plenty! NASA Lewis Research Center is a hub CESS Alien Agency Hive and framing me and taking me down unfairly was the beginning of systematic take-over of the United States. The so called mysterious tragic accidents that have made the newspapers since, well before 1988, have been part of the agency war games. They are all CESS Alien Agency Hits! Contract murders.

A former administrator(Dan Goldin) goes from no-where to the head of the entire National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Clinton administration becomes full blown CESS agency. All the news bureaus and entertainment agencies___the country become full blown CESS agency___and the news becomes a message board for CESS Alien Agency Hits!

This stuff is so cool once you understand that the alien culture is embedded in American culture.

Huey (NASA)-Lewis and the News Hmmmmmm?

Oh, back to the Army Propulsion Directorate. When I was working hard as an engineer__the spooks in the office were playing agency war games (little did I know, I was going to be their next pawn) and one of the cover-ups was the Chinook Helicopter Problem.

When I was there the Army Office was trying to conceal a CESS Alien Agency hit(the taking of a Army Chinook and the loss of American(human) soldiers) by insisting that the transmissions were suffering from a clutch problem. "The sprag clutch must have slipped" they said.

Being the young engineer that I was___I looked at the clutch design and I said___"Impossible".


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