The Empowerment of Goddess Athena,
Or, Is the CESS Agency Killing her Family?

Athena Roussel, teenage heiress to the Onassis fortune has had considerable tradegy concerning her immediate family members.

The bizare deaths of Athena's relatives reminds one of the so-called "Kennedy Curse" that has plagued that American family.

Based on my expertise and research, most of these deaths are really homocides and are the result of the CESS Alien Agency.

Back to the Athena story; it appears as if her relatives were being killed so that she would become the heiress of the Onassis fortune.
Empowering a young woman via the inheritance of a vast fortune? What is the reason and who really is Athena Roussel?

More research is needed before I can answer those questions. But, if Athena is another "CESS Alien Agency Bitch" and is a representative of the "NAZI Feminist CESS Bitches"___then men of this world, we might as well buy skirts, blouses, bras, and high heels, and learn how to cook meals and do laundry.
Because when Goddess Athena obtains her inheritance_______________ (fill in the blank).

I found an article that pertains to Athena, you might find this of interest!

Kidnap plot 'ridiculous', Onassis trustees say

Copyright 1997
Copyright 1997 The Associated Press

ATHENS, Greece (November 17, 1997 8:17 p.m. EST -- Overseers of the Onassis fortune on Monday dismissed allegations of a plot to kidnap the estate's 12-year-old heiress, but said they did hire investigators to look into the girl's security.

The statement -- coming amid reports of a plan to abduct Athena Roussel, the granddaughter of late Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis -- was the first public acknowledgment by the four trustees that they initiated a private investigation into her care.

They said the kidnapping reports were "ridiculous stories invented" by the girl's father, Thierry Roussel, who is feuding with the Onassis Foundation over control of and estimated $2.4 billion inheritance. Her mother -- Onassis' daughter, Christina -- died in 1988.

The statement said the trustees filed a detailed memorandum with Swiss authorities investigating the alleged plan to seize the girl last February in the ski resort of St. Moritz. Roussel lives with Athena, his Swedish wife and their three children in Switzerland and France.

An Israeli, reportedly a former member of the Israeli secret service, was arrested by Italian police last week on a Swiss warrant for allegedly planning the kidnapping. The investigating judge also suspects six other Israelis may have been involved.

The Israeli government has said that former secret service agents were hired by the trustees to carry out surveillance on Athena.

The trustees's two-page statement backed Israeli versions, but gave few details.

"The whole story was a security check which we ... had the right and have been forced to perform ... in order to protect (Athena) for a good many lawful and valid reasons," the statement said.

The trustees could not be immediately reached for elaboration, including who was hired to carry out the investigation.