The CESS Alien Knife and Organ Diseases
Or, Look honey, The Psycho Aliens are Slicing
into Gary Coleman's Kidneys Again!

I have been warning the American public concerning the CESS(Cultural Elite SS) Alien Psycho Race(they call themselves "US", rhymes with the word "Russ") and their evil technology and agenda. Their agenda is the complete enslavement and/or extermination of humanity. The method they are utilizing is "Not of this Earth". The psycho alien race has the technology to basically destroy human beings in a number of ways_____without getting caught.

One of the methods I've experienced is the use of what I'll call "The Alien Knife". This is an alien weapon that enables the CESS psycho race to destroy human beings from the inside-out. I.e., they can slice up internal organs without breaking the skin. With this type of technology a huge assortment of diseases can be simulated___from heart valve damage to kidney and liver disease.

So, the Hollywood actor Gary Coleman wasn't suffering from chronic kidney disease, he also, was being taken down unfairly by the Psycho CESS Alien Agency.
One deduces(correctly) that the same type of alien technology can be utilized to mend and repair damaged tissue. Below is an article from the Chicago Tribune concerning the use of the alien knife as a murder weapon. Note: Chicago is another hostile "CESS Psycho Alien Agency", most, if not all, of the city "units" are militarily connected and have the ability to drop a human being at any time.

Note the juxtaposition of the front page headlines.
If you don't already know, the Y2K Theory was a concocted retaliatory scenary used to threaten the "Americans(humans)"____you tell on the CESS-Alien Agency___and we'll take your machines down. It was also a sneeky way of developing billion dollar false markets.

Other articles in the national newspapers, magazines, and tv programs have blatantly exposes the use of this technology____but the information is "coded" and only those who are knowledgeable, concerning the alien system and its agenda, can figure what the articles are about.

Cincinnati Enquirer, Saturday September 16, 2000
Page B8
First Surgery Proves Success
Article about two women from the Columbus, OH suburbs who were diagnosed with chronic kideny disease and both of whom needed transplants.

The first clue___there is no such thing as chronic kidney disease. Second clue, the two women who had kidney disease were married to brothers(Kevin and Tim Preissler)___and both couples share the same house.

Another clue is the photograph that accompanies the article. The Associated Press/DORAL CHENOWETH III fotos is very unnerving. Since the guy pictured on the right(Kevin Preissler) has facial characteristics similar to Joeseph Manzo.
(I'll scan the foto soon and link it to this article)

Joseph Manzo is my deceased estranged(CESS) father and was instrumental in me being framed by the Psycho CESS Agency_____and then being thrown out of society by the psycho CESS. Joeseph Manzo allegedly died in 1992 but based on the facts surrounding the death___it is was probably another Psycho CESS Alien Agency trick(he probably moved to Montana).
Who else in the Northern Kentuck and Southern Ohio area would recognize such a resemblance? Only me.

The fact that these Alien CESS are from the suburbs of Columbus, OH___ is consistent with my assumption that the state of Ohio is all CESS Agency.

Another rattling thing about this article is the title. Its as if the title was some sort of code also. "Good Matches"? Is this a key phrase associated with the Psycho CESS Alien games? And the phrase "First Surgery Proves Success"____Hmmmmm? If I am considered the first player in the alien game____and since my head has been internally cut up via the alien knife____Hmmmmmmm? Surgery?

Let me fill you in about the psycho alien race___they control peoples minds and their behavior___and they can control events, so I would pretty much rule out the term ,"game" in association with what they are involved with and what they are doing to Americans(human beings) in this country.
If you think what they are doing is some sort of a game____then its Heads they win, Tails you lose. They are a Psycho Alien Race and they are exterminating humanity. It is no game!